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Empowering Nation For Sustainable Growth

A Tryst with Destiny

This golden speech delivered by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru clearly portrays that the ideals of hard work, perseverance, dedication and truth are the roots of success and accomplishment in life.

In order to have a firm agreement with favourable destiny, one must keep the basic values and ethics stronger than anything else. Life will put us into situations where disappointments, sorrow, challenges, toughness and confusions are inevitable but with courage, strength and able guidance, it’s possible to attain the desired goals.

As the citizens of this world, we must never forget that maintaining the place where we live and dealing with whatever challenges come in front of us is our moral duty to abide by without failing.


Sustainable Development Goals by The United Nations

The apex global organisation-The United Nations is constantly working for the world to march on the path of betterment minimising any sort of
mismanagements and fostering global peace. With the same thought in mind, a carefully curated list of 17 sustainable development goals was formulated consisting of social, economic and cultural issues being faced by the world as of 2015. The main goal is to hit the targeted results as planned by the year 2030.

17 Goals Defined by The United Nations

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