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A Complete Sustainable Transformation of Cities and Communities

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia- Sustainable Cities

Traditional cities developed along the lines of industrial areas where people worked. A long time back, this was the trend that was followed in the aspect of the formation of cities. People shifted from backward and rural areas to areas close to their places of work and then developed these areas into urban cities as their places of residence. Establishing facilities like water supply, sanitary services, sewage systems, etc. were taken over by the people.

The idea of development was known by these people but they didn’t have any notion about the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is a relatively newer concept introduced by the United Nations widely in 2015 at the time of committing to the attainment of 17 sustainable development goals by the target year of 2030.

Introduction of sustainability as a globally accepted concept

I believe sustainability is becoming a common concept in almost all aspects rather than just one particular way. Also, we must agree to the fact that sustainability is the only ideology to be followed by all of us in order to protect our future. According to me, environmental sustainability is the umbrella concept wherein all the other sub-topics dealing with a sustainable approach exist. Nowadays, people leave no stone unturned to keep into check the environmental sustainability being preserved at any cost along with development. The activities that cause obstructions in the widely followed idea of sustainable development instantly strike the eyes of environmentalists and activities thus, pushing them to take appropriate actions against such activities.

The concept of sustainable cities and communities deals with the social aspects at a vast level for the all-around development of the society along with the people living in it.

Tracing the path

Safe and affordable housing

The provision of clean, neat, and safe housing facilities with all the necessary requirements to sustain a stable life at nominal prices is one of the goals that stands to achieve under the perspective of establishing sustainable cities and communities.

Affordable and sustainable transport systems-

The provision of efficient transport systems at affordable prices helps people to commute at ease and also quickly. Urbanization must be an evolutionary process for the collective development of the society that includes the processes fostering the betterment of all communities.

Protection of the world’s cultural and natural heritage-

Modernization sometimes probes a risk towards the traditionally existing cultural heritage. Thus, sustainable transformation of cities and communities must also focus on protecting the cultural aspects of the society that have been existing lately.

Reduce the adverse effects of natural disasters-

Working towards minimizing the terrible effects of disasters that aren’t under human control lies in the list of goals to accomplish under sustainability. The government is advised to grant special help to the vulnerable sections of society so that they can overcome such circumstances in the best way possible.

Reduce the environmental impact of cities

Working on environmental sustainability is a one-way solution to a combination of problems.

All things bright and positive

The political and social organizations at an apex level have successfully opted for the idea of sustainable thinking while dealing with almost every issue. Thus, policies are getting framed taking this very idea into consideration.

Strong planning at a national as well as international level helps in backing up the agenda politically and also legally.

Formulating policies that support the least developed countries in a sustainable and resilient building.


I support the fact that sustainability must be a way of life that should be opted for by everyone at a global level. Switching the mindset to have a sustainability positive approach is what’s highly needed to be adopted by us as well as help the coming generations inculcate it.


Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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