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Breaking the Global Barriers of Poverty- objectives and steps towards a poverty free world.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


The world is rapidly moving on the path of constant development, advancement, betterment, and improvement in all aspects be it, science, technology, economics, health, etc. The list is never-ending. While we never fail to look at the brighter side of the world we live in, where people earn the best of education, get the finest of food to consume, and survive under appropriately healthy, neat, and clean conditions, we shouldn’t neglect the relatively dull side, where lots of people can afford absolutely nothing. For these humans, getting to read books, going to schools or colleges, getting to relish proper food, and wearing decent clothes to cover their frail bodies seem to be almost impossible.

While the relatively blessed and advanced section of people is making the best use of acquired knowledge to target great heights and reach the ever-expanding limits of the universe, the opposite section of people lay outside without a roof over their heads, on empty stomachs, looking up at the moon and thinking what good is their lives even for? Their plight is terribly disheartening and their struggle to wake up every day in order to carry on amidst such ruthless conditions is deeply saddening. Their wails demand concern, their numb eyes call for us to integrate and help them with whatever we can do for them to at least experience what happiness looks like even once in their lifetime.

What I, as a citizen of this world believe is that our future lies in integrity and collective upliftment. In this era of globalization and rapid development, global ownership is what we should strive for. Taking responsibility for each other, distributing available resources efficiently, and facilitating survival must be top-notch priorities for everyone.

The main objectives

ENDING POVERTY IN ALL ITS FORMS EVERYWHERE remains the umbrella agenda under which lies various kinds of sub-objectives listed above must be accomplished eventually. To be practical in this context, in my opinion, effective changes can only be made collectively, taking into consideration the formulation of policies for guidance as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies' inactive action towards the targeted goal.

It makes me feel proud and happy to put forward the rapidly increasing role of non-governmental and other such organizations working towards such social causes that demand our attention closely at this moment. Gratitude should be a way of life for all of us to uphold. Being considerate towards others and helping them by putting smiles on the faces of everyone around us should be a part of our priority lists.

Taking small steps

Well, formulating policies and plans is an important task to work on initially. However, when a path is paved, what’s needed is for people to walk on it with full dedication and sincerity. It should not be just the apex global organization that realizes the gravity of the situation but we must also do our bit in order to bring a change in the existing circumstances. Listed below are some ways to help in making the plan towards No poverty successful. It’s our fight, we must win it together.

Share and spread.

All of us have been blessed differently. Some might not be as well off as others. However, these blessings can be shared and spread amongst the others who have not been gifted equally. After all, blessings get multiplied by sharing. Sharing does provide immense happiness and joy.

Help us evolve.

At times lack of resources such as proper education, health care, awareness, etc. This leads to being trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty. Psychologically, the theory of ‘Kennel of Truth’ explains that the suppressed section of people makes comfort with being suppressed and undermined due to years of being in the same state. Breaking such a firm mentality becomes tedious. Uplifting the idea of brotherhood, we should take steps to help these people evolve in a positive and organic manner.

Join hands with social and non-governmental organizations

Spread the word and become a part of social groups with similar motives to accomplish. Being in touch with such groups helps to spread awareness regarding the topic.

Understanding the cruciality of the situation

To begin with, it’s of utmost importance to understand how crucial this topic is for the people who have to deal with it directly and also for the ones who move in the kind of society where financial status highly impacts social status, dignity, respect, and concern.

Determined to work towards it

Once the gravity of the situation is known in a true sense, committing to work with immense dedication in order to bring a considerate change is the next step. Keeping a track of the challenges, updated motives, agendas, goals, to do’s, not to do’s, etc. Is important.

Convincing more and more people to join in

Our responsibility doesn't just end at the point of providing our own services and efforts. The work must go on as more and more people get convinced to join in and bring a positive change to society.

Predicting the future and planning safeguards

Predicting and planning the future is as important as working in the present when it comes to such crucial global issues. Therefore, forming resilient safeguard policies must be on our priority lists while dealing with such issues.

Planning maintenance of achieved goals

At times, we fail to maintain the success we get after achieving the desired goals. Hence, the success doesn't last long and all the invested efforts go in vain. To prevent such a hassle, it’s better to pre-plan the maintenance policies.

To wrap up

The global evil of poverty can only be ended with constant and collective efforts. It’s high time we step up and contribute in the best way possible to put a full stop to this long-existing barrier of poverty.


Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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