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Ecological Environment and soultions to combat ecological imbalance.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia - Ecological Environment

What is an ecological environment?

An ecological environment refers to a collectivity of all elements and organisms ( Biotic as well as abiotic ) working together in a thread for each other to work out in the right manner, keeping in mind the long-term perspective. The environment has been an amalgamation of various components that have been working together in a close interplay for various cycles of nature to go on smoothly. In order to get going in a stabilized manner, this ecological cycle must work in a regular pattern without getting disturbed by external forces which are usually man-made. However, for quite some time now, this cycle is being heavily disturbed by the force of external factors and circumstances. Repercussions of such disturbances are vast and widespread. Therefore, such cases cannot be sidelined at any cost. If neglected today, the situation might push forward to be even more threatening at a later stage.

Factors that cause ecological imbalance

There are various factors that cause the ecological balance of the environment to get disturbed:

Increased pollution levels

Ocean acidification

Depletion of the ozone layer

Loss of biodiversity


Increased soil acidity and infertility

Since the causes of the main trouble are clearly mentioned now, the next step to take is to work on the solutions.

Deriving solutions

Tracing out solutions and my ideas to move out of the challenges we face is the main target. So here we go:

Work on the management of natural resources

Natural resources are difficult to replenish. They are only replenished after a long period of time, so losing them should just not be a thing to do or merely seeing them getting deteriorated without finding a way out about how to stop it.

Work on pollution reduction

Finding alternate ways of doing things that don’t add up to the already leveled-up levels of pollution is what everyone should focus on. For instance, carpooling while going to the same location is one way we can reduce the burning of fuel as a small contribution.

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Protecting biodiversity

A major threat that is being imposed with depleting environmental purity levels is the loss of biodiversity. Many species of biotic creatures are becoming endangered and extinct because of the ill effects of whatever has been happening all around the world. The sea and ocean creatures are also suffering heavily because of the abovementioned negative factors.

Reducing soil acidity and infertility

With great use of chemicals and fertilizers that contribute to having good agricultural yield, badly impacts soil fertility and increases the acidic level of the soil thus, contributing to soil deterioration. Using only natural composts and organic minerals that contribute and add up to the soil quality naturally should be used at a large scale.

To sum up

A good part of looking after the environment and taking care of it comes with maintaining the ecological cycle of nature. Hands down, we humans need to balance the ecological cycle not only for the sake of the mere environmental functioning and mechanism but also for our own healthy living in the long run.

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