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Humble or Pride? Which quality do you want to have as a businessman?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia-Businessman's Pride

Some people are like, They are the best, They know everything. They do everything right.

Everybody else is wrong. Nobody seems to know anything, but self and other people are

ignorant, lazy, inferior. They believe that it is unfair for them to live as common people because they know that they are wealthy, they just don’t have the money. They have class, style, intelligence, everything. They are not just like others i.e. inferior human beings.

Proud individuals suffer a lot when they can not live up to their expectations. They feel it is

unfair. They deserve to be on top of the world. It is all about them and them only. This is how

they think. They compare themselves to other people. If other people have more than they

do, they feel bad about it. Pride is competitive. You want to be better than others. You want

to have more than others. You want to seem smarter, more attractive, wealthier, healthier,

stronger and what not because you think you are the best and you want others to tell you so

and recognize it.

You want to be worshiped in some way for all of your qualities. You want everyone to notice

that you are different, that you are better, because it is true. You feel better than others and

other people should notice it and accept it, otherwise you will get disappointed. They must

honor you and respect you because you are above them. Many people that have too much pride don’t care about anything. In fact they enjoy it. Some proud people enjoy the envy that others could feel for them. They want to flaunt it and make others suffer for it.

We can very easily see other people’s defects, but it is not always easy to discover our own

defects. This is especially true for proud people, who think that they are always right and

they don’t need to change. Proud people do not accept negative feedback. They hate

negative feedback. They take it like an offense. Now, let’s stop talking about pride and let’s talk about the virtue it opposes: Humility. The humble person does not compare them to others. They will want to have some things, for their own pleasure and to fulfill their needs, but not to be better than others.

The humble person listens to what others tell them. They see feedback as suggestions. They know that some people may feel envy for them. So, they scrutinize the feedback to find out if the person talking has a reason or not. Smart humble people know that feedback is one of the most important parts of running a business. They want to know any suggestions that their clients or employees have for them.

Humble people do not believe that they know everything. They do not think that they can do

everything on their own. They seek the advice of others. They do not believe that they

deserve it, they just believe that they can earn it. To be humble doesn’t mean to have low

self-esteem. You know you can do it, but you accept that you are not perfect. Humble people do not expect to be on top of everybody else. They do not seek to be in a high position just for the pleasure of being on top. They do not seek the envy of others.

They do not care much about what others think about them, except for the purpose of seeing how they can improve themselves based on the feedback they receive. How can you apply all this to your business? You can do it in many ways. First you can be the business owner with a lot of pride and you may not realize how much that could be damaging your profits. If everything is about me, my product, my service, my corporation, my profits, my business, me, mine, myself, myself alone, I did it, I know and I can; people will stay at a distance.

Trust me, with such an attitude most people won’t like you. Whenever you see a customer, understand that they will be asking you that question, How useful is your stuff? Where is my gain here? Those are the questions they will have in mind when they come to purchase something. Say something like: This product is useful for 7 different things or This product can improve your life in at least 5 ways instead of saying something like ‘this product is a diamond! It took years to be made.

Another way to apply this concept is that if you are too proud, you may not consider some

important data that your employees or clients are submitting to you regularly. This could

come to you through ideas, comments, suggestions and even negative feedback. Humble

people listen and change if necessary.


Author-Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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