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Confronting the Social Evil of Gender Inequality

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia Updates - Gender Inequality

Gender inequality has existed ever since humans are known to exist and to have lived together as a collective society.

Then v/s now

In early times, years back, gender biasness used to be visible in terms of household responsibilities, education and study perspective, etc. Women were expected to only be fully devoted to household chores while men were expected to be the bread earners. Additionally, women assisted men in the fields for agricultural activities. This was the only work outside the house that they were allowed to do.

Other Than this, their parents were never bothered to send the girls to gurukuls ( schools ) for gaining knowledge about various aspects of society. This was a widely followed practice due to the fear in the minds of people back then that if girls would study a lot, they wouldn't listen to their husbands and in-laws, knowledge would make them selfish and they would turn away from their moral values. Men back then were never seen cooking, cleaning the house, fetching firewood or water for the house, etc. as these tasks were to be done by ladies only. If we consider the changes in the scenario now, gender biasness is said to be depleted as compared to earlier times. However, it’s still present. But now, fortunately for the women, after years of struggles and challenges, they have got socially granted permission to work outside the house. Women are not expected to be just housewives now but they are widely seen to be working as professionals in the work sector.

Well, unfortunately, the job/work sector is also not left untouched by the corrupt and dark shadow of gender inequality. Unequal pay for the same work done by individuals belonging to different genders, men being often favored over women to be granted promotions at work, etc. are just some of the instances that mark the presence of gender inequality still being there in our society. Gender equality isn't solely a basic right but also a necessary foundation for the establishment of a peaceful, prosperous, and stable world.

There has been progress over the last decades: a lot of women area units progressing to faculty, fewer women area units forced into an early wedding, a lot of ladies area units serving in parliament and positions of leadership, and laws area units being reformed to advance gender equality.

Target issues to end

The apex peacekeeping and peacebuilding organization, The United Nations has made a list of targets to hit in order to end the issue of gender inequality at a global level:

1.End all varieties of discrimination against all girls and women in every place.

2. Eliminate all varieties of violence against all girls and women within the public and personal spheres, together with trafficking and sexual and different styles of exploitation.

3. Eliminate all harmful practices, like a kid, early and compelled wedding, and feminine reproductive organ injury.

4. Acknowledge and price unpaid care and domestic go through the supply of public services, infrastructure, and social protection policies and also the promotion of shared responsibility among the unit and also the family as across the nation acceptable.

5. Give women full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at the least bit levels of decision-making in political, economic, and public life.

6. Provision of universal access to sexual and procreative health and procreative rights as united under the Programme of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development and also the capital of Red China Platform for Action and also the outcome documents of their review conferences.

7.Undertake reforms to offer girls equal rights to economic resources, also as access to possession and management over land and different varieties of property, money services, inheritance, and natural resources, under national laws.

Measures taken at national level:

The Ministry of ladies and kid Development is administering the following schemes for gender equality/socio-economic development/empowerment of women.

i. Swadhar and Short keep Homes to produce relief and rehabilitation to poverty-stricken ladies and girls in distress.

ii. Operating ladies Hostels for guaranteeing safe accommodation for operating ladies far away from their place of residence.

iii. Support to coaching and Employment Program {for ladies|for ladies|for girls} (STEP) to confirm property employment and financial gain generation for marginalized and asset-less rural and concrete poor women across the country.

iv. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh (RMK) to produce microfinance services to cause the socio-economic upliftment of poor ladies.

v. National Mission for management of ladies (NMEW) to strengthen the processes that promote comprehensive Development of ladies.

vi. Rajiv Gandhi National Creche theme youngsters|for youngsters|for kids} of operating Mothers (including single mother) to produce daycare facilities for running a creche of twenty-five children within the cohort 0-6 years from families having the monthly financial gain of but Rs 12,000.

vii. One Stop Centre to produce integrated support and help ladies laid low with violence.

viii. The theme for Universalisation {of ladies|of girls|of ladies} Helpline meant to produce twenty-four hours immediate and emergency response to women laid low with violence.

ix. Sabla theme for holistic development of adolescent ladies within the cohort of 11-18 years.

x. To strengthen the method of gender budgeting the Ministry of Ladies and kid Development has been endeavoring varied capability-building measures for the officers of the State Governments by organizing coaching programs/workshops often.

Measures taken at International level:

The global organization (UN) Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against ladies (CEDAW) is that the most comprehensive accord on the rights of girls. It condemns any sort of discrimination against ladies and reaffirms the importance of guaranteeing equal political, economic, social, cultural, and civil rights to ladies and men.

Protection and promotion of all political and civil rights are very vital to the work of lady's human rights defenders. Acknowledging this special relationship, the United Nations General Assembly’s Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee has been known as upon States to guard ladies human rights defenders against abuses and guard against the exemption for offenders.

Under international human rights law, ladies have the proper to truthful wages, adequate operating conditions, and employment while not discrimination.

Forced sterilization is another space wherever international human rights law protects women’s rights to form educated selections regarding their fruitful rights and health.


With this change, our country will have a great development that will eliminate all the feelings of fear from females. I strongly believe that women should have the right to live their dreams. For the overall welfare and growth of a nation, marking high on gender equality is the most vital side. Countries with less inequality in terms of gender have progressed heaps.


Author-Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist,author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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