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What is Eco Anxiety? It's Causes, Challenges, Solutions and much more

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia-What is Eco Anxiety

Words exclaimed here are more than enough to justify why we need to act in a just, preventive and careful manner.

Then v/s now

Years down the line when the environment was much more healthy and protected than it is now, our Eco-anxiety- Causes,Challenges,Solutions and much more

Wendell Berry, a naturalist and writer once wrote, ‘The Eartop most priority switched from living in a safe environment to living in an advanced and modern world, as a result to which desire, we began to take steps that improved the level of advancement but failed to keep the environmental health under firm check. With time, almost every aspect of life changes because of the shift of goals and aims. However, we, as humans, have started enjoying developmental success to such an extent that we refrain from taking steps that are expected to be favorable for nature but may cause obstruction in the path of overall societal advancement.

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Some decades back, placing the matter of development at the first few positions of our national as well as international priority lists was considered to be benefitting because at that time the scenario was completely different. Our environment could bear that burden because of its treasured richness at that point of time. However, in today’s era, when the environmental condition is already extremely deteriorated, juicing out the remaining capacity of nature to support the advancement processes is nothing else except for being bluntly wrong.

What is eco-anxiety ? What are the major causes of such a condition ?

You know how you feel nervous, tense and scared right before appearing for an important exam or going for an interview ? That feeling of uneasiness is more or less similar to the basic feeling of anxiety. We may witness moments filled with anxiety due to the fear of facing intensely sick repercussions that may put us into troubled situations later in the future. Eco-anxiety refers to feeling similar kinds of emotions specifically for the environment.

After knowing what eco-anxiety is basically ,let’s jump on the major causes that result in the birth of it.

One of the major root causes of developing such a form of anxiety is the mental grasp on the fact that whatever activities we are indulging in are somehow exerting pressure and negative impacts on our environment. As children, we were always taught to keep our environment neat and clean, combat pollution by taking small steps and do everything that favours our mother nature. However, when we start growing up and begin to take a closer look at how we ultimately ruin the purity of our environment due to even the smallest of tasks we get involved in, some of us who believe in taking full accountability of our actions start to worry about the negative repercussions of the same.

In most cases, eco-anxiety tends to be noticed in youngsters and millennials, which makes it clearly evident that people who fall into younger age groups worry more about the pertaining to the environmental crisis. This is because they are worried about their survival. practically , these people still have years to reside on this planet, therefore, all these unfavourable steps will eventually start impacting them in the long run.


As eco-anxiety is not a clinically diagnosed psychological condition, therefore,any such solutions backed up with strong medical evidence are not available.

However, some common solutions that we can rely on individually are rightly listed below-:


Meditation helps attract stability and calmness that is important to cover the conflicting thoughts. Practicing meditation for just a few minutes during the day boosts the level of positive energy for the whole day by impacting the aura as well as mindset in a considerably helpful manner. It reduces unnecessary strain and combats excessively triggering thoughts from entering the mind.

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Plan to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself

Focus on being a part of activities that only serve the best of your interests. In my opinion, the concept of self love is really crucial for each and every individual. Therefore, acting in a way that waters your own well-being before you cater to work for somebody else is important. Create a to-do list for yourself and try to stick to it as firmly as possible.

Challenges to cope

One major challenge that can obstruct us from overcoming eco-anxiety is the ever-developing nature of society. Our society and its citizens are committed to be on the path of development in such a way that acting against the very idea of development and moving towards a purely sustainable approach is difficult. Knowing this truth, people suffering from such conditions of anxiety find it tedious to overcome these conditions.

At the end

As the world is rapidly moving on the path of development, we need to be a part of all that’s happening inevitably. However, sticking to a sustainable approach is extremely crucial for our own well-being in the coming times, this is very much needed to be understood by each and everyone, it’s only in this way we can make the right changes.


Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist,author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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