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  • Ramesh Chaurasia

Environmental-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Ramesh Chaurasia-Environmental-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Ramesh Chaurasia-Environmental-Friendly Resolutions for 2022

Human and wildlife populations all around the world are witnessing the effects of climate change and other environmental hazards and the condition is deteriorating with every passing day. It is apparent that we are running out of time to save our planet. So while the concerned authorities need to take measures, I believe that it is the responsibility of every individual residing on this planet to do their part in conserving it. It is only with the collective efforts of everyone that we will be able to save the earth.

As we step into a new year, we make tons of resolutions to be the better version of ourselves. It is high time that we do not remain oblivious to the changes taking place on our planet. So this year, let us make resolutions for the betterment of our home, the only planet that provides us with all the necessities of life.

1. Adopt those small and simple practices that play a huge role in conserving the nature

There is no end to the list of little steps that can create a colossal difference for the environment. These simple practices do not require hours of brain work to execute them, yet we find ourselves not implementing them in our everyday life.

So as you work towards making a powerful impact on the environment with your actions, make it a priority to adopt such environmental-friendly practices. Let us take a look at some of them:-

  • Make your commute green

Automobile emissions account for the majority of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, as environmentalists talk about transportation, again and again, it is time that we take serious steps to make our commute as environmental-friendly as possible.

Ride bicycles or walk to the places where it is possible. Otherwise, use public transport or carpooling.

  • Use energy wisely

How many of you turn off the electric appliances when not in use? Commit to unplugging your computers, television, and other appliances when you are not using them. This will save electricity and consequently reduce the emission of greenhouse gases due to the combustion of coal as most of the energy that we get is thermal energy. If you can, I would urge you to invest in renewable energy.

  • Reduce and reuse plastic

The threats of plastic for the environment especially for the marine ecosystem. So take resolutions to reduce the use of plastic significantly this year. Obviously, you will not be able to stop using plastic completely, but you will be doing a lot for yourself and future generations if you gradually minimize its usage.

Apart from reducing, start reusing plastic bags, water bottles, and other things instead of throwing them after a single-use.

  • Eat less meat

It has been found out by a study conducted by Oxford University in 2018 that eliminating meat from your diet can reduce your carbon footprints by 73%.

But I would not suggest you make a drastic lifestyle change. Instead, you can decide a particular day in a week to consume meat and have meat-free meals on the rest of the days. Make such a commitment and stick to it.

  • Shop sustainably

You might find it surprising but the fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of the carbon emissions all over the globe.

So, be determined to shop sustainably. The best way to do this is to shop for second-hand clothes and make sure that you do not throw away your clothes after wearing them once or twice.

2. Educate yourself about the environment

It is very important to keep yourself updated with everything related to nature and have sufficient knowledge about the same.

Although environmental studies are included in the curriculum at the school as well as college-level, most people do not pay attention to the subject and end up being negligent about the burning issues.

Be committed to learning about these issues by reading reliable books and articles. There is a great series on Netflix called ‘Our Planet’. You can even start with this and gradually move towards other sources.

Doing this will instill a sense of responsibility in you and you will find many more innovative ways to save the earth.

3. Speak up and have conversations about the environmental issues

When you have found the determination to conserve the environment, it is time that you help others to be determined to the cause. Spreading awareness is the key to eradicating the sense of ignorance that prevails.

To make others understand the importance of environmental conservation, discuss related topics at your dinner table with your family or in your workplace with your colleagues.

Moreover, use the power that social media holds to convey the message to a larger audience.

In the end

These resolutions do not require loads of effort but require loads of commitment and dedication. Also, these resolutions are not like those unrealistic ones that you make but do not adhere to after a few months.

Start with these small steps of sustainability and as you move forward, you will discover more ways to contribute towards conserving the environment.

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