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Urabn Ecology in Modern Environment

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Ramesh Chaurasia-Urban Ecology in Modern Environment

The Idea Of Urban Ecology In The Modern Environment

As the human population continues to increase rapidly, so does the size of cities. As a result, cities have changed a lot in recent decades. As people have moved from rural areas to the city, developers have replaced natural areas with buildings and infrastructure. The negative impacts of this rapid growth are well-documented: pollution, climate change, noise, and other forms of pollution become predominant as more people live in an area. Scientists call these changes Urban Ecology or Urban Ecosystems Dynamics. The challenges in Urban Ecology are helping in many cases for the society to take a step forward. In my opinion, Urban Ecology is a major door for societies to help sustain the power to save more and spend less.

These changes are not only a disruption to the ecosystems within cities but to other areas as well. Urban Ecologists need to understand what happens when you move from a rural area to a city because there is a real risk that their own work will be lost in this transition.

Explaining how Urban Ecology works in a modern society

Urban Ecology is not just about understanding how humans affect the environment but also what happens outside the city. Urban Ecologists need to understand ecosystem health both within and outside of towns since many of the solutions to urban problems will require changes in rural areas. Urban Ecology shares similarities with Urban Forestry, although they are different disciplines. The purpose of Urban Forestry is to plant trees within healthy forests (and healthy forests are essential for preserving biodiversity), while Urban Ecology is the study of healthy ecosystems. Another way to think about this difference is that Urban Ecology starts with human-made impacts on ecosystems and then looks at how nature responds. Urban Ecologists study how ecosystems adapt to city life and how city life affects ecosystems. On the other hand, Urban Forestry begins with a forest and tries to recreate or maintain it. Urban Ecology requires an understanding of urban ecosystems on both an ecosystem level and a human level. It is the study of urban changes on both scales, while urban forestry studies on one scale alone.

Urban Ecology for me is the idea of mingling with the art of nature and understanding the needs.

Urban Ecology disruption with possible solutions

Understanding of Urban Ecology is not new. Urban Ecologists studied the human impacts on nature of the past two centuries but changed their focus to look more closely at how urban ecology affects urban life. The following challenges are all examples of new challenges facing urban ecology due to city growth:

Urban Ecology plays a vital role in our world today. The scientists' concerns are human concerns, too - for example, noise pollution can have health impacts on both humans and ecosystems. If Urban Ecology does not play a role in the environmental movement, it will be difficult for scientists to continue their work to promote concern for humanity and nature.

Urban Ecology can be applied anywhere where changes are occurring rapidly. It can be used in cities, towns, agricultural areas, and rural areas. Urban Ecology will play a role in deciding what happens to these areas.

Urban Ecology is closely related to the new science of Geo-engineering. Although Urban Ecologists are not geo-engineers, they do use similar techniques for looking at how ecosystems work. However, one significant difference between urban ecology and geo-engineering is that urban ecology is concerned with the human impact on ecosystems rather than the planet as a whole. However, urban ecologists do think about ways that humans can help nature adapt to changes by planting trees.

It is essential for me to think that scientists should clearly understand the new implications of this subject. For me, Urban Ecology has a higher growth structure throughout development areas. In my opinion, urban ecology has been considered as a method for the students to understand the concept of the environment in order to be developed into their future careers.

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