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Major Disadvantages Of Using Fossil Fuels.

Our human civilization has been relying on fossil fuels for ages, and until now they have been playing an undeniable part in the growth of our human race. The extensive usage of fossil fuels started around the 1800s when the era of industrialization was just taking pace, and since then it has been a primary source of energy around the globe.

However, several environmentalists have raised concerns about the depletion of fossil fuels.

If we keep consuming this non-renewable resource at the current pace, it might get completely depleted in the next 60 years. And apart from the problem of depletion, the usage of fossil fuels has also been adversely affecting our environment, and we have to do something before things go out of hand.

Let's discuss some of the detrimental effects of fossil fuels on the human race as well as on our environment:-

Fossil Fuels Pollute

Once in a while, you might see yourself driving by a factory with huge chimneys. Have you noticed the black smoke coming out of them? These are nothing but the polluting harmful gases that emerge from the combustion of fossil fuels. We know that burning them under certain conditions can provide a lot of energy, but on the other hand, they also release these toxic particles and even some greenhouse gases, which can affect our health as well as our environment.

For instance, if you burn some coal, it will release a toxic gas called sulfur dioxide, which can lead to some harmful side effects and can even damage our respiratory tracts.

Fossil Fuels Are Non-Renewable

Even if we think for a second that fossil fuels don't have any harmful effects, still we can't continue to rely on them forever. And the reason behind this is, that all the fossil fuels are nonrenewable. This implies that nature can't replenish this resource fast enough for us to use it forever. Usually, they take millions of years to form under extreme conditions, below the surface of the earth. So, we can't wait around for that, as after a million years the human race might itself go extinct. Apart from that, the mining process of these fossil fuels is very tough, and some of them can also have some harmful effects on the environment. For instance, if you want to retrieve the natural gas below the earth's surface, you will need to pump a certain chemical solution into the surface which will push out the gas. So, even after retrieving the gas the harmful chemicals pollutants still remain on the surface which can cause various human health issues.

Accidents Surrounding Fossil Fuels

We have already mentioned earlier that, to get usable energy we have to first burn fossil fuels. This process is usually done in a controlled isolated environment, in various power plants. However, there can always be some accidents, and in these cases, even a small mistake can turn out to be catastrophic. Apart from that, fossil fuels are highly flammable elements, so if there is any leak while shipping these fuels, an entire region can become a sea of flames. And this will obviously lead to a lot of casualties, and loss of crores of rupees in property damage.

Harmful Byproducts From the Process of Fossil Fuel Creation

Apart from the usage of fossil fuels, the process of its production can be plenty harmful on its own. One of the common harmful side effects we come across is acid rain. Some fossil fuels release nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides after being combusted. These harmful gases mix up with the vapors around us and get stored in the clouds, which later come down as acid rain. These are quite detrimental to the soil and can make a fertile land go completely barren.

Final Thoughts

We have relied on fossil fuels for long enough, and it's high time we start to take some initiatives to stop its extensive usage. No one can deny its harmful effects on our health and our surrounding environment. As responsible citizens, we all should start using environment-friendly resources, such as solar panels or elective vehicles. In other words, we must try to adapt to anything which is renewable and naturally abundant. If we don't start right now, it might be too late for us in the future!

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Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society as a whole.

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