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Moving with a Responsible Approach towards Production and Consumption Activities

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Ramesh Chaurasia Updates - Production & Consumption Activities

Ramesh Chaurasia-Production & Consumption Activities

Consumption and production activities are the driving forces of the economy at a global level. Both these activities date back from the time humans are known to exist on this planet. Every day an unprecedented amount of goods and services are produced and consumed at a pace that cannot even be imagined or physically measured in numbers but just is estimated roughly. Every sector is centered around production either in the sense of goods, commodities, or services that are expected to be consumed by consumers. Since measuring the consumption patterns in exact quantities is next to impossible for such a large global population of citizens, goods, commodities, and services are often dumped as waste. This leads to nothing fruitful but just a hideous amount of wastage in terms of resources, energy, effort, etc. that goes in to produce the goods and services. In order to back up this notion, let’s take a look at some data-driven information that substantiates the above-given information-:

Every year, an estimated one-third of the entire food produced is dumped into bins of consumers who aren’t able to consume it fully.

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The food sector accounts for around 22 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, largely from the conversion of forests into farmland.

Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh(drinkable), and humans are using it faster than nature can replenish it.

The given information rightly proves the rate of wastage, consumption, and related activities.

All things bright and positive

The amount of wastage has been quite a lot more than nominal. However, the current generation is trying to be more considerate about the issue than ever before. Not only groups of millennials and youngsters are getting actively involved in campaigns and movements to spread the word as well as create awareness about the ongoing challenges but also encouraging the strict implementation of policies and plans that deal with minimizing the negative impacts to a great extent.

For instance, for quite some time now, here in our country, people have begun to reconsider their plans to have big, fat, and posh wedding ceremony events. Indian weddings are known to be extraordinarily royal, posh, expensive, and mesmerizing in all aspects. Starting from beautiful decorations, outfits, huge crowds of relatives and friends who are invited to be a part of the wedding to immensely varying varieties of food buffets offering multiple food options to choose from.

In all those sparkles and glitters, people tend to forget the repercussions of all these investments. Not only a great amount of money is drained in organizing such events but also the resources are hampered to be utilized in activities that aren’t even going to be slightly beneficial for others. Piles of unconsumed food are dumped into bins after these ceremonial functions, huge amounts of fuel and electricity are utilized to light up the halls and venues finalized for functions.

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Being in touch with many people of this generation, I came to know that these people are not very enthusiastic about the idea of holding incredibly big wedding functions that promote literal wastage and nothing else that seems to be fruitful. I have seen many people saving money they once planned to invest in wedding ceremonies and then later utilize this money to brighten up their futures, which seems to be a much decent idea. Spending lakhs and crores earned with hard work and dedication on something that benefits absolutely no one in the right manner makes trivial sense to any person with a practical and rational mindset.


It needs to be kept in mind by each and every one of us that there’s no plan B to this problem simply because there’s no planet B other than Earth where we can all shift and resume with stable lives. Therefore, it is clear that this planet is all we have to take care of and think about in common. Moving with a responsible and preventive approach is the only way out to tackle the issue that still remains in our hands to sort, if not done now, this issue will get out of hands and there’s going to be no other option but just suffering.


Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist,author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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