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Peace keeping and Security in the Contemporary World

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia-Peace & Security


According to me, the whole idea of peacekeeping and security-building in the contemporary world is ruled by the principles of technological and scientific enhancement that leads to the development of better techniques that can be used to safeguard the citizens from potential threats.

Then v/s now

Years back, the issues related to security and safety were completely different from those that are being faced today. The expansion of various fields, including, science, technology, nature, environment, etc. is the reason behind such differences coming up.

The world is on the progressive path of changing dynamically. It’s pretty much expected that with the changing scenario comes various challenges to be faced as well. One of the primary reasons why security is becoming a major issue is the ever-increasing population. With the increase in the number of people being a part of the world, maintaining basic security and safety becomes a tedious task with a huge population to manage..

A few years back the major tasks pertaining to the subject of security and peace were looking after the frauds, robbery, political instability, regional violence, religious conflicts, racial strains, and other related tensions, etc. However, the picture has completely changed now, in today’s era, political instability, cybercrime protections, environmental threats, Bio-wars, AI potential strains, etc. pose to be massive challenges that are yet to be faced and overcome.

Presenting solutions

Listing out the potential threats

According to me, appropriate solutions to any given challenge cannot be drawn if the intensity and the kind of challenges that can come up aren’t property known.

In order to act responsibly, we must derive a whole list of challenges that are to be taken care of. What I believe is that finding solutions comes second, while finding challenges to which solutions are needed to be found comes first.

Trying to cut the root of the issue

Every problem or issue has a deep-rooted mentality or idea that was sown a long time back in the brains of people. In order to find a strong solution to such issues, the root needs to be found and successfully attacked, so that the problem stops growing. Once the root is hampered, the plant ( in this case the problem ) cannot exceed a certain limit.

Spreading awareness

A lot of changes can be witnessed in the current scenario as people start becoming more aware of the standing challenges and struggles. Until and unless people realize what the matter is all about, they won’t be motivated to find effective solutions that can reap solid results. Spreading awareness comes as the initial stage of acting well on the whole idea efficiently is what I believe. Awareness can be spread starting from very low levels like in one’s own family to large levels like making use of mass media platforms to spread the word at a massive scale, amongst a huge population.

Accepting changes and dwelling in them

I truly trust the fact that as times keep on changing, new opportunities, challenges and struggles keep on coming up. With times like these where everything happens to change rapidly, changes are inevitable to be experienced at almost every point. Keeping up with these changes is the only way out to live being up-to-date.

To sum up

The subjects of peace and security are undoubtedly the most crucial matters to be taken care of at a global level. The United Nations Organization, being the apex global body working with the main motive of peacekeeping and security leaves no stone unturned to get the issues resolved almost perfectly, keeping in mind the prevailing conditions and circumstances.


Author- Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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