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Power of Yoga & Its Effects on Mind

Updated: Dec 14, 2021


Ramesh Chaurasia Updates - Yoga & Mind Healing

Yoga; An ancient practice originating from India. It is a state of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual peace.

According to Katha Upanishad “When the five senses, along with the mind, remain still and the intellect is not active, that is known as the highest state. They consider yoga to be firm restraint of the senses. Then one becomes un-distracted for yoga is the arising and the passing away". Loosely translated it means when an individual remains calm and let off their materialistic nature and gives their undivided attention to self, then there is nothing higher than that form. It is the true acceptance of Self. Yoga is often referred to as a state of equal mindset in all forms of life situations, be it Failure, Success, or Hardships. It is considered that if you want to achieve true nirvana you need to be with yourself and with the one you believe in.

Yoga is means to one meditative state of discovering irregular thoughts and dormant mindset, as well as overcoming it to release any and all suffering, find inner peace and calm in yourself to attain salvation or moksha.

How does yoga help?

Yoga is often believed to improve strength, agility, and balance, the slow movements and deep breaths can increase the blood flow throughout the human body.

Yoga is best believed to counter insomnia, it has been proved that if you apply the routine of yoga before bed, it will help you release stress and get sleep.

Yoga has always been credited with changing Moods, making it better. It gives you a boost of energy to brighten yourself and perform better in hardcore situations. With the help of yoga, it will give you a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, and decrease negative feelings.

It gives you a similar community to pass through, you get the feel of belongingness. It will help you get through loneliness and the environment you get, it’s incomparable.

With yoga you get more comfortable with yourself, promoting self-care, something in which this generation significantly lags. It gives you the authority to care for yourself before others and attain confidence in belief.

Mind healing; basically means healing of thoughts. Whatever we go through affects our mind and thought process which affects our body adversely. An ever-growing body of scientific research and study proves that our mind can play a very vital role in healing our body or it can also be that it helps in staying healthy above all. Psychology of any being actually influences their physiology in ways we are not even aware of, from stress to sexual arousal, so it seems quite reasonable that it will have a huge impact on physical health too.

From numerous lines of research and study, it can be safely concluded that what we mentally perceive about the world constantly informs, questions, and guides our immune system in a significant way which makes us better able to respond to future attacks. The Body and Mind are typically entwined, which makes them dependent on each other, if one seems to be unfit, it will definitely affect the other. The influence of psychological functions affects physiological functions at the hormone levels and immune responses, all of them work regardless of what our conscious beliefs are.

How does mind healing actually work?

If we expect our treatments and practices to work, it will yield better results. Belief plays a major role. Believing in something, makes it happen, regardless of consciousness. Writing down your thoughts, helps you process all the stuff you are going through. It keeps your reality in check, it gives you time to work out and calm your body. Also, it helps you sleep.

Focus; it should be the driving factor of your life. Ig we tend to focus on a particular, we get an urge to live through for accomplishment of that.

Optimism and Immunity; If your immune system is strong, you may be optimistic; but if you are highly optimistic, you won’t get sick anytime soon.

Yoga; the best practice to take up. Yoga and Meditation help you maintain your life and it is believed to slow down the process of aging.

Imagine and Practice in your mind, if you just imagine yourself going through a happy phase, you will actually land in a happy mood. Research and studies actually prove that.

Laughing; one of the mind practices that help you in decreasing the risk of heart failure and it also keeps the heart in check for many other problems.

All of the mind healing techniques are either associated with yoga or are a part of it. Yoga is just the proper treatment for the thought healing process.


Author-Ramesh Chaurasia

A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist,author and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well being and betterment of the society as a whole.

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