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Description of 'The End' according to Different Religions and Mythologies

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Ramesh Chaurasia Updates - The End

Ramesh Chaurasia-The End

Christianity and its Revelations;

The book of Revelations, the last in the bible, has long caused controversy and debate as it deals with the second coming of Christ and the final end of the World, though often cryptic and difficult to understand and interpret.

Jesus specifically states you may not know the day or hour (Matthew 25) and many denominations do not emphasize the apocalypse and it is rarely preached on in services.

However, in Matthew 24 Jesus states specific things, which will happen before the end.

These include War, Famine, Earthquake, Persecution, Lawlessness and False Prophets, and a hardening of hearts.

Though he also says his great commission to spread the gospel to the whole world will be complete by the time the end comes. Revelation 13 says an antichrist will usher in the last days. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Angels will gather believers from all four corners of the world and will join Christ above. This is known as the Rapture and according to Revelations 20, this will be the start of Christ’s thousand-year reign on Earth. Matthew 24 says Jesus will come again in Glory and all believers will join Christ in Heaven.

Different denominations often have different ideas of the end of the world but the essential core Christian belief is that those who accept Jesus as their savior will join God in Heaven either upon death or the ending of the world.

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Hinduism and their End belief

Hindus believe in four repeating cycles we are currently in the last Kali Yuga which is characterized by lack of virtue but at the end of this period, Kali will judge everyone destroying the wicked and saving the good, starting a new golden age. The other 3 eras are known as Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga.

Satya Yuga is the era of truth or the Golden age where people are closest to the Gods and are governed by them, human lifespan is around 4000 years. In Treta Yuga people start to move away from this ideal slightly and even further in Dvapara Yuga, the human lifespan lowered to 1000 years before entering Kali Yuga. With this gradual movement away from religion during the four Yugas so human lifespan decreases, disease, hunger, war and the breakdown of society become more and more prevalent until Satya yuga comes round again.

Each Yuga lasts for many thousands of years Satya Yuga lasts 1,728,000 human years (4,800 god years), the Treta Yuga lasts 1,296,000 human years (3,600 god years), the Dwapara Yuga lasts 864,000 human years (2,400 god years), and finally, the Kali Yuga lasts 432,000 years (1,800 god years). The decline is gradual each Yuga blending into the next rather than a sudden change. Except for Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga. Every thousand such cycles the earth is also destroyed at the end of Kali Yuga and then renewed.

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Islam and their End of World Beliefs

Though the Quran does not give specifics there are many signs given to show the end times are approaching. Muslims believe when the day of judgment is near people will fall away from Allah and society will break down, Christianity will begin to rule. Many believe that Armageddon will begin in the Middle East and thus the events of the past 5 years have caused many to say it is near. Such minor signs include:

- When it will be regarded as a shame to act on Quranic injunctions.

- When untrustworthy people will be regarded as trustworthy and trustworthy will be regarded as untrustworthy.

- When it will be hot in winter (and vice versa).

- When the length of days is stretched, i.e. a journey a few days are covered in a matter of hours.

- When orators and lecturers lie openly.

- When people dispute petty issues.

- When women with children come displeased on account of them bearing offspring, and barren women remain happy on account of having no responsibility of


- When oppression, jealousy, and greed become the order of the day.

- When people blatantly follow their passions and whims.

- When lies prevail over the Troutdale

- When violence, bloodshed, and anarchy become common.

- When immorality overtakes shamelessness and is perpetrated publicly.

- When children are a cause of grief and anger for their parents.

The Major signs will occur near the end of time, then a great leader Imam Mehdi will come and Jesus will appear and urge his followers to become Muslims.

The Dajjal will come and lead a great army against Muslims but Muslims will triumph. In the end, a trumpet will be blown and only Muslims will survive.



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