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The Old Generation’s Approach to Protect the Environment


Ramesh Chaurasia-The Old Generation’s Approach to Protect the Environment

“How is it possible that the most intellectual creature to ever walk Earth is destroying its only home?”

Human beings have been on earth for a short period as compared to the age of the earth. But for the sake of short-term gain, they have been wreaking havoc on earth despite knowing that this is the only planet that meets their survival needs. It fills me with discomfort when I think about what we have been doing to our mother nature in the name of development. It is distressing to realize how much change I have witnessed in my life so far. I have seen the average global temperature rising gradually over the years, animals and birds getting extinct and disastrous floods destroying lives and property. In other words, I have seen the flourishing environment degrade.

Our planet certainly has the resources to satisfy our needs, but the problem arose the day we started acting out of greed without thinking even once about the implications of our actions. Our greed has put us in a situation where if we do not use the earth’s resources judiciously and if we continue to be selfish, then we should get ready to face detrimental consequences. Although it is the duty of every human being living on this planet, no matter old or young to make a move without further ado, the approaches of the two generations would not be the same. My generation which is an eye-witness of a greener and pollution-free world would take an approach that would be quite different from the approach of the young generation which has no idea about how earth used to be.

Practical solutions are the key

Rather than encouraging the use of technology to solve all the concerns of the environment, my generation is inclined more towards practical ways. We think that the things that one can easily practice are immensely important. Following are some of the examples:-

Transport is one of the most polluting sectors across the world. To reduce the emissions of automobiles, we must increase the use of bicycles to travel short distances and public transport to travel to distant places. Apart from this, encouraging the use of vehicles run by cleaner fuel like natural gas and electricity is significant. Regular maintenance of vehicles also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

In the early days, agriculture was completely based on natural and biodegradable products. But with the onset of the green revolution, agriculture was industrialized and therefore the use of chemicals started gaining prominence. Fertilizers and pesticides not only contaminate the water bodies and threaten marine life but also reduce the fertility of soil significantly. Going back to the usage of manure and biodegradable fertilizers is imperative.

Small Steps can pave the way

In addition, there are some small ways to save the earth that we can easily incorporate into our daily lives. But while focussing on the bigger solutions, we often tend to neglect these tiny steps that are very simple but can make a huge difference. For example, choosing reusable containers, bags, and other goods over those that can be used only once, doing the basic things like turning off the taps, using bucket and mug for bathing, etc to prevent the wastage of water and conserving energy whenever possible. To conserve energy, we should switch off our electrical appliances when not in use. Another great way of conserving energy is making compost for your gardens. These are just a few examples. There is a myriad of ways that make protecting the earth seem like a piece of cake!

To wind up

A section of the older generation might feel that climate change and other flaming environmental issues are not their areas of concern. But this is not true. The onus of conserving the environment for future generations falls on every human being and everyone has a part to play in this. The treasure of the old generation lies in their years of practical experience and we must utilize this treasure. One of the best things that we can do is to keep ourselves informed about all the facts and the recent news about our natural world.

We will be able to see the betterment of mother nature happening only if we blend the ideas and approaches of the old as well as the new generation.

_________________________________________________________________________________ Author- Ramesh Chaurasia A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society

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