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The Young Generation’s Approach to Protect Environment


Ramesh Chaurasia-Young Generation’s Approach to Protect Environment

Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future. The earth’s clock is ticking and the time has come for the young generation to come forward and take action for its protection and conservation. The young generation is born in the era of technology and since the very beginning, it has heard about the pressing environmental issues that need to be addressed immediately. Besides, if the young people do not speak up against climate change and environmental degradation right now, they will be the ones suffering the consequences the most. Naturally, they are becoming more and more proactive. Living in the world of digitalization, the internet has given these young people the resources to understand environmental issues in a greater depth. With just a click, they can learn about every natural phenomenon and how anthropogenic activities are affecting it.

That is why today there is increasing activism of the youth against climate change and environmental degradation. They stand up and raise their voices through social media as well as through protest rallies. We all know the young climate activist Greta Thunberg who never fails to bring the world’s attention to the burning issues of the environment. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ words, “The hopes of the world rest on young people”, struck my mind while I was contemplating the role that this youth activism can play in preserving our planet. The significance of youth activism lies in their optimistic attitude as well which is like a ray of sunshine in the cloudy sky.

Technology as a means to protect the environment

Because the young generations have been surrounded by technology since their very childhood, they use technology as a double-edged sword to fight against climate change and environmental decay. It is an integral part of their approach to environmental protection. While they acknowledge the negative effects that technology can have on nature, they are also vocal about inventing and designing technology that would pave our way to sustainable development. This is also called ‘Environmental Technology’. For example, they advocate the invention of biodegradable plastic, the development of alternate cooling appliances because air conditioners and refrigerators emit harmful substances, and they believe that artificial intelligence can help promote sustainable development.

Sustainable efforts at the individual level to protect the environment

It is heartening to see that teenagers who do not have the authority to take action do not sit idle. They work towards the environment by making individual efforts. They have found novel ways to resort to sustainable ways of living. This includes reusing old clothes and other materials, donating or selling them. I have also come across many youth-owned small businesses whose primary focus is to sell eco-friendly goods.

Spreading awareness to protect the environment

To solve any real-world problem, the stepping stone is awareness. The young generation is taking the approach of educating people, especially with the help of tools like social media that enable them to reach larger masses. Many student-led environmental organizations are also there who are working at the micro-level to resolve environmental issues. These organizations run campaigns aimed at spreading awareness, planting more plants, cleaning up beaches, and taking up other innovative initiatives.

Conclusion: Increasing the participation of youth

Advancements in the field of science and technology have provided the young generation with easy access to information. With the rate at which the changes in the environment are taking, it seems that this generation might be the last one that can end climate change because its effects will soon become irreversible. So, we need massive participation of the youth at every level. They should utilize the means that they have efficiently and channelize their energy towards saving the planet that sustains us.

To make this happen, we should encourage the youth to read up and learn about the changes that are taking place and be considerate and sensitive towards our environment and start taking small steps that would eventually create a bigger impact. I believe that quality environmental education at the school level concentrating particularly on practical aspects will shape the students’ minds and make them capable of taking significant steps in present as well as in the future when they have the authority.

Also Read:-Negative and positive Impact of Covid-19 on our environment. _________________________________________________________________________________ Author- Ramesh Chaurasia A superior and highly experienced entrepreneur in the field of business for quite a long time now. Also, a philanthropist, author, and public speaker who believes in working towards the overall well-being and betterment of society

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